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Rude customers, listen up - A modest proposal from clerks world wide

Published on 16 Jan 2020 / In People & Blogs

I thought I'd do this video to mainly get off my chest, some of the damage that my vibrant soul has been dealt over the past 8 months of deli work. There's so much bullshit to put up with as a deli worker (and retail worker in general) that this is really just a wetting of the taste buds. It's not just customers either. But I did want to dedicate this to rude customers after having dealt with an encounter recently. I know rude customers are given when working in retail, but it bears repeating until it is as popular as ridiculing the grumpy behaviour of boomers.

I've never been a people person, so nothing pisses me off, or makes me more nervous more than an unruly customer.

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