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CHOLESTEROL: Avoid high Cholesterol, ANIMAL PRODUCTS & CARBS ARE NOT (inherently) BAD, HDL-LDL r

Published on 30 Jun 2019 / In Other

Cholesterol is not evil and it has many benefits & important functions in the human body.

Please read!

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However cholesterol does have negative effects, when there is excess cholesterol in the coronary arteries of the heart. This can lead to health issues regarding the heart (stroke, disease, heart attack...).

Furthermore people like to differenciate between "good" & "bad" cholesterol. But what is "bad" cholesterol and what are "bad" food that may lead to bad cholesterol... these are questions, which will be discussed in this video.

You will be surprised to hear that there are no real "high" cholesterol foods and the truth is far more complex. Therefore animal products like eggs, meat, dairy etc.
Although it is important to mention that this is of course not easy to generalize.
Animal products are not always = animal products.
If you should consume dairy or not, depends on many factors and, to a certain degree, of course depends on the individual.

It is not really about, if fat in general is bad or carbohydrate rich foods are bad. It is more complex than that. It depends on the type of carbohydrate or fat.

Do not let anybody tell you, that you should never eat carbohydrates, fats or meat or milk or eggs or whatever. There are certainly ways to consume your favorite foods, in moderation and in combination, although, of course there are things all of us will agree on (like the consumption of fast food and its health effects).

Eggs for example may have cholesterol in it, but they also have healty omega 3 s in the yolk, which can even improve cholesterol!

However, the point is, that we should be open-minded regarding these topics and it is often not simply black & white.

I really hope this helps to clear up some confusion.

My main source is Dr Andrew Weil's "Eating well for optimum health", which I absolutely recommend! Besides that I basically refer to the knowledge I've gained over the years, which I've double checked of course.

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