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Small Bug Out Bag for 24 - 72 hr emergency

Published on 10 Jun 2019 / In Other

Small Bug Out Bag for 24 - 72 hr emergency - how to set up a small size bug out bag for 24 hr to 72 hr emergency that will hold all the basic but important items you may need.

List of Contents : 24 - 72hr rations, stove and cooking tabs, water bottles, survival tin, small towel, flashlight and batteries, small radio, small power bank, 12ft or rope, legal carry pen knife, 6ft x 8ft tarp / shelter, lighter, duct tape, survival blanket, cooking pot and lid, first aid kit, dental kit and hygiene kit.

HOW TO MAKE 24HR RATIONS : https://youtu.be/4V-It9LZzSM
hOW TO MAKE A SAS TIN : https://youtu.be/2CbYVckdxV8
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