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Gaming Content Is Coming To The Channel VEDA #31.mp4

Jazz Williams
Published on 01 Sep 2019 / In Other

I am bringing gaming content to this channel! You will see some Roblox and some other games as well. It will be a lot of fun. I like to change things up on my channels to keep viewers from being bored.

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51-X 3 months ago

Ayo VEDA was FUCKIN' awesome! You sure kicked a lotta ass (as you normally do). I enjoyed the hell outta tht series. Highlights for me were the out n abt vlogs and the mukbang vid. You even tripped me up considering you were cussing in some of your vids and I was under the impression you like to keep it clean. But when you're pissed off, harsher words do just come out sometimes. I also hit "like" on your very first "bully rant" because even tho you were clearly nervous, you still kept going and got your point across. Big ups on tht, but the mukbang was a banger (no pun intended) of a revision. Normally I would mention the amount of times you did address bullies, but the other two like "addressing hate on steemit" and "hate isn't criticism" were your personal experiences so no biggie there. Gonna be honest, the only vid I wasn't too interested in was the "review stuff online" or something to tht effect vid (plz don't kill me for it :'( But, lets keep this fire ass content going with these gaming vids. Keep bringing the heat and I'll keep watching.

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Jazz Williams
Jazz Williams 3 months ago

Thanks for your comment. Reviewing things online isn't for everyone. Maybe someone else might want to review free products and is looking for a company that accepts smaller YouTubers/Bloggers/Instagramers. It's like I become angryjazz ( I name I randomly gave myself) when it comes to the swearing. As to other videos I talked about bullying, I pre-film before hand. By them Iv'e forgotten if I talked about it already. Glad you enjoy the VEDA. I hope you will enjoy the gaming videos.

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