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Friendship is Unhealthy (A Health of Information review)

Published on 23 Dec 2018 / In Film & Animation

What's this, an episode I liked unconditionally? Blasphemy! Welp, here's my take on MLP:FiM S7E20, A Health of Information.

My Deviantart, I also put my updates here:

Vectors made from art by ShadowGTR
* MLP:FiM: (various episodes)--------------------Hasbro/DHX
* Frozen--------------------Disney
* Time Lapse Tree Growing--------------------VFX TEST HUB
* Honeybee Queen FIght-------------------Jason Hedlund
* Title theme--------------------Jyc Row
Friendship is Epic
* Almost There--------------------Skitacular
* Winter Wrap Up (orchestral remix)--------------------MelodicPony
* Rise--------------------Ampyx
* Liberation-------------------Legendary
* The Night--------------------LoneBronyProductions
* (title lost)--------------------(source lost)
* War For Equestria--------------------Francisco Alejandro
* For the Glory--------------------LoneBronyProductions

MLP backgrounds and art by dey-chan, EStories, Jeatz-Axl, MLPVectors203, Pink1ejack, cheezedoodle96, Mihaaaa ZuTheSkunk, AlmostFictional, 8Notes, CloudyGlow, ISpinCharles, Uponia, Luckreza8, Cheezedoodle96, ColorBlindBrony, Emkay-MLP, Moonlight-Pen, Greviousfan, SelenaEde, Csillaghullo, Sigmavirus1, Lt-Fleur, Magister39, Magpie pony, Tamalesyatole, (the artists who contribute to) MLP-Vector-Collabs, Davidsfire, Roxy-queen, Crystal-Ice9201, Felix-KoT, zacatron94, RamseyBrony17, sircinnamon, DashieSparkle, Volodragon, Charleston-and-Itchy, EvilFrenzy, matty4z, Magister39, Osipush, MLP-VectorClub, MLP-Brony-CLUB, betaluna, PhilomenaThePhoenix, CloudyGlow, jhayarr23, and DashieSparkle

FoE backgrounds and art by VectorBrony, Deftwise-Zero, Плакаты, MetaDragonArt, ArmoredSlayer, madkrayzypony, and Stable-Tec Studios (defunct)

Rift Cafe backgrounds and art by Lightning Bliss

Other community art by Golden Fox, SkyHeartPegasister, SeekerofDestiny, Maisky, and Quill Stroke

Not all sources provided names to credit.

Credits were made in bulk, not all names above had pieces used for this video specifically. However, they may appear in another of my videos, hence their credits here.

Any and all modifications are my own work.
CREDITS POLICY (non-negotiable)

Pieces which will not appear in more than 1 or 2 videos were not credited. (for the sake of time) I will credit them PER VIDEO upon request from the artist.

Any artist who would like to link their work may ask, I will do so in the comments section.

Each creator/group is only credited once, some may fit into more than one category of the credits. I only credited them once so as to not be redundant. Creators will not be credited multiple times!

Following on the last point, creators who ask for a specific per-video credit when they've already been mentioned here under another category will be turned down. NO EXCEPTIONS!

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