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Walgreen's Snack Haul Summer 2019 VEDA #17

Jazz Williams
Published on 17 Aug 2019 / In People & Blogs / Vlogs

I decided to do a little snack haul, Walgreens snack haul. This is a fun, cool haul that I decided to do. I like to mix things up and get a few snacks. I didn't eat it all by myself. Some were for my mom.

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Heather Tappen
Heather Tappen 4 months ago

thats always a good idea to add a little extra content :) i been planning on doing the same. been doing let's plays but decided to do other videos of me trying stuff from other countries, and other types of videos not just lets plays that way i have other things to upload as well :)

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Jazz Williams
Jazz Williams 4 months ago

Also, I will add LPs once I finish VEDA. You will see some Roblox and all sorts of content

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