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Burn Out Cannot Be Prepared For.mp4

Published on 10 Aug 2019 / In People & Blogs / Vlogs

Many things can be prepared for. Burn Out is not one of them.

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51-X 13 days ago

Lawborn aka crashexile. I remember you from ZippCast. My how time flies. You and I have never spoken with one another I don't believe but I was x51dg on there. And yeah I'm with you on the burn out thing. I went through it myself which is why I originally left the internet back in 2016. I explained everything in my first introductory video. Anyway, good seeing you here man. Take care.

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CrashExile 11 days ago

Oh yeah. Burnout is a real thing. Glad to see one of the old crowd from Zippcast.

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