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Can a Wii replace your laptop? (2018) | TECH REDUX #1

Published on 14 May 2019 / In Gaming

Welcome to Tech Redux! The brand new series where we look back at old tech and see if it can replace new tech... and in this episode, we cast our eyes on the Nintendo Wii to see if it can replace a laptop!

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Parker_S 2 months ago

Just a thing, it’s pronounced “ree-ducks” not “redo.” On a higher note, understand that you’re one of the first bringing your content and effort over to this platform. That’s really important if we want Verond to succeed

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JayPlays 1 month ago

Yeah, I found that out after writing the script for this video. I've heard it pronounced both ways, so I just picked one (which ended up being the wrong one... oops). Anyways, glad you like it! :)

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