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Sasuke 36 Trailer Breakdown & Navi Review

Published on 21 Dec 2018 / In Sports

The sasuke trailer recently came out during the navi for sasuke 36. The sasuke navi was very disappointing on account of the fact that no runs were shown, but I display the only interesting parts in this video, in addition to picking apart the trailer in order to decipher any information that I can. This video was taken down from youtube so i put it up here.

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For the first time ever sasuke 36 will have a live final stage, meaning the first three stages have already been filmed and the competitors who beat stage 3 are awaiting their stage 4 climb for a live attempt on new years eve. This is going to be a spectacular sasuke event.

Additionally obstacles like the dragon glider have been modified in addition to the the tie fighter which was replaced by the wing slider which is basically just a modified tie fighter, and not really a new obstacle.

The shows color scheme has reverted to red and their is a new logo. Additionally athletes like yusuke morimoto, drew drechsel, kawaguchi tomohiro, and sato jun are set to return and people who know spoilers dont know how the show will even end this year.

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