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Hitler finds out Post Malone has featured Ozzy Osbourne on his new album

Published on 13 Sep 2019 / In Film & Animation

Post Malone is at it again, folks. First it was his song "Rockstar", last year, which had very little to do with being an actual Rockstar, and was pretty much just more cliche spouting about gang violence, money, cars, and drugs (even though Ozzy has struggled with addiction before, the only instance of him singing about drugs would be the song "Sweet Leaf".). His follow-up album just dropped, and so did my levels of faith that Operation Freedom 05 would be remotely easy.

I know Ozzy is a legend, and has basically earned the right to do whatever he wants, but THIS, this exceeds the boundaries of my own form of Elitism, a form of Elitism that is much less strict than Anti-Mainstreamism, Brutalism, and Kvltism, that I'm officially branding as Tristanianism. I don't know what drug he's on, or what conclusion Ozzy has come to, that he thinks partnering with Post Malone will be beneficial to our community. Is he campaigning for relevance? What is it?

Operation Freedom 05 isn't just a campaign to protect Frantzian independence and interest, but also to protect the independence and legitimacy of Rock and Metal music, as well as it's fanbases. I cannot stand idly and allow Post Malone to transform anti-conformity, and capture it like the Trapheads did with the Anime Community (or the portion that they did annex). The reason Anime was trampled like such is due to weak leadership from the purists, and possibly pacifism. But as long as The Frantzian Empire is an associate fandom of The Metal/Rock Commonwealth, The Commonwealth doesn't surrender.

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