Hypertext Components: Visualizing Tracked Text Changes

Stephan Kreutzer
Published on 03 Dec 2018 / In People & Blogs

Tracked text changes visualized as a single, standalone XHTML file. Versions, revisions, history, diff on the character level while retaining the chronological order, so no after-the-fact heuristical diff can obscure how a text actually was developed/composed.

Download: http://hypertext-systems.org/downloads.php
Example: https://skreutzer.de/htx/de_sk....reutzer_20181104T160
Background: https://skreutzer.de/2018/11/0....4/personal-hypertext https://skreutzer.de/2018/11/1....1/personal-hypertext

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CrashExile 6 months ago

You have a good voice.

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Stephan Kreutzer
Stephan Kreutzer 5 months ago

Is that ironic? I think the bad, cheap mic distorts a lot of it, and then I'm not a native speaker :-(

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