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Jazz Williams
Published on 06 Nov 2019 / In Other

This is a video that I did addressing a problem that I see. That is creators who end up quitting YouTube, art, blogging, etc due to hate. A YouTuber I follow ended up quitting YT and I am sure she loved making videos but didn't like all of the hate she was getting. It's understandable that trolls can drive you to the breaking point but at least you're going something with your life unlike them

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51-X 13 days ago

You know, I've been off and on the internet since 2009. The general rule when dealing with haters or trolls is to not engage and just ignore them or the old saying "Don't feed the trolls". They win if you acknowledge them in any form. Now if you have tougher skin, you can troll them back because I've done it myself. It's a lotta fun if you know how to troll (I had a lotta practice because I used to be a full blown troll at times). But, if you're a bit sensitive to "mean comments" then just block that person and keep it moving to show such behavior won't be tolerated. If I quit the internet, it'll be on my own terms and not because some no-life ran me off. Btw, I haven't commented too much but, I'm loving the gaming content. I myself am not too big on Roblox rly, but my fav vids was the "Survivor" one, the "America's Next Top Model" one, and the "Escape the flood" one. Still a supporter lol just been a quiet one lately.

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Jazz Williams
Jazz Williams 12 days ago

I got some good reactions in store for when I get voted out in survivor heh.

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