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Trolling a kid in minecraft part 2! Fortnite

Published on 05 Dec 2019 / In Film & Animation

Yea I hate fortnite but this is a reupload. But we all have things in our past that we aren't proud of!
this video was taken a long way. It was made on my original youtube channel but that channel was hacked. It was then reuploaded on my new youtube channel but because of coppa I re reuploaded it to verond.

as you know, the new youtube update is coming soon and at the moment I have no idea what will happen to my youtube channel. So for now, as I am not switching to verond but however I will be daily uploading on verond, all of my old videos re-uploaded! So for now on all my videos will be on youtube and verond! So if you haven't subbed to me on verond make sure to do so. Also I am thinking about age restricting my videos on youtube just to be safe. You can still watch them unrestricted on verond. Im really sorry but I have no control over this issue. I will try to make an actual video about it soon! I hope you can respect my decision.

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