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I Was Accused Of Harassment

Jazz Williams
Published on 24 Nov 2019 / In Other

This is a commentary/storytime about the time I was accused of harassment. The reason I say it was an accusation is that the accuser did not provide screenshots regarding those whom I allegedly harassed. The fact that none said anything to me and let it go farther than it had to is what really made me mad and believe it was an act to label me the bad guy. I will give you an example. A Youtuber called Eugenia Cooney was suffering from an ED, a YouTuber called Onision aka Greg made nonstop videos about her. She personally asked him to stop talking about her but he didn't listen. Say if EC were to report this to YouTube, she will have proof. She will have the email she sent Onion AND his reply saying he'd stop. She could go on his channel and screenshot videos made about her after asking him to stop. In videos and streams it was clear she did not like what onion was doing, begging him to stop and he wouldn't. She can say I asked him to stop on July 1st and then started back making videos about me on September 1st. She will have her subscribers telling him to stop etc. In this case, the accuser showed no proof. It is hard to tell how people are feeling behind a screen when you can't see their face. In my book, if you're told to STOP and the person doesn't listen, it's harassment. Do not take this as me invalidating harassment. Being behind a screen and not being able to see how someone is feeling is different from being in person. and someone shows in their voice tone, body language, etc that they do not like what you're going.

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