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Getting Started on Verond

Published on 13 Mar 2018 / In Entertainment

This was just a quick vid for new people talking about the site. If you enjoyed drop a like and subscribe.

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ZachTheAvenger 1 month ago

Thanks so much for making this awesome video dude, I just joined this site today and I already love it. I'm very excited to start uploading content to it, while I love making videos on YouTube I need a backup plan in case something happens and if it's easier to grow on here then, I'm gonna take a chance. :D

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Jazz Williams
Jazz Williams 4 months ago

I came here from Reddit when I was looking for a good alternative. I lost my monetization on YT thanks to Logan Paul

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Pink_little_pig_Fan 1 year ago

Great vid! I am fairly new to this website so thanks for the information on how to get started :)

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Jonno 1 year ago

Did you seriously name your account after this creator? But... why?

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Proxxide 1 year ago

Good video! Please upload more because I aspire to be like you and get started on Verond! much love homie <3

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hiioo 1 year ago

great vid brhuuu

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