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Leroy Skees
Published on 25 Apr 2019 / In Non-profits & Activism

Bountiful Harvest Outreach Center is Bible-based, Christ- centered, empowering all people to live the abundant life! We are teaching the Word of God to develop Christians for victorious living!
The Vision of Bountiful Harvest Outreach Center is to reach individuals from all socioeconomic statuses, the hungry, destitute, down-trodden and those who have been hurt by unsound doctrine to develop saints who are strengthened and truly the Body of Christ.
Our mission is to continue to add to the church daily. This is achieved by equipping believers with sound doctrine that breaks down religious, racial and social barriers to result in saints who are holy and living victoriously.
We are streaming live each Wednesday at 3:00pm and each Sunday at 11:00am:
Check out our web site:
Other streaming live urls:
1.AfreecaTV 11:00am Sunday: rtmp:// ( Recorded, Can download )
2.facebook 11:00am Sunday:
Channel: ( Recorded, Can download )
3.Periscope 11:00am Sunday: rtmp://
( Recorded, Administrator Can download )
( Recorded, Can download )
Or a search for @Leroy11281952: ( Recorded, Can download )
4.Vaughn Live 11:00 AM Sunday:
Channel: ( Archived for 24 hour as flv Administrator Can download )
5.Smashcast 11:00am Sunday: rtmp://
Channel: 11:00am Sunday: rtmp://
7.DLive 11:00am Sunday:

If you wish to contact the man of God Terry Wilson, you may contact him at:
Post Office Box 9729
Asheville, N. C.
Ask for prayer
Ask for a copy of Wednesday meeting or Sunday gospel ( specify time or we can choose for you ).

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