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What Liberals need to fix to ensure a Democratic victory in 2020!

Published on 17 Mar 2020 / In News & Politics

We're 7.5 months from the election, and extreme Liberals are already trying to fuck it up. Trump supporters are already dumb, and are only voting for him out of elitism, but giving them leverage to enforce their opinion won't spell an easy victory for the Dems.

For those who can't tell that my voice is a little off, I did catch a cold recently. I've been getting better over the past couple of days, so I don't think it's the Coronavirus. They were talking about waiting until next month to begin human testing, but why? The more we wait and the more time that's wasted, the more people that are going to die from it. The virus spread so fast, and already has such a huge impact on our lives in the moment that I almost pray for what we're gonna see in the next 2-6 weeks.

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