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The British Empire vs. The Mongol Empire; Who would win?

Published on 15 Nov 2019 / In People & Blogs

This video will put 2 goliaths side by side to compare their strength. We have the colonial power, Britain in one corner, and the medieval giant, the Mongol Empire, in what is sure to be the fight of the millennium, taking place in an age where nuclear weapons are a staple in major scale warfare, automatic guns are a certainty, and where Beijing, London, Seoul, and Cairo are major population centers.

The reason The Mongols' nuclear stockpile amount appears as if it were drawn is because MS Paint was being a piece of crap, and wouldn't let me use the text option without the text appearing blank.

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TheRedWarrior18 25 days ago

While the Mongol's have a slight edge as far as numbers, Britain has the advantage of being all over the world.

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