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Why I Joined Verond... (Hello!)

Published on 29 Aug 2018 / In Gaming
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Big Slappy
Big Slappy 7 months ago

I do enjoy verond because my content isnt "youtube safe" i just get demonetized lol

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Michael Mercuri
Michael Mercuri 12 months ago

I came because Youtube isn't very helpful for smaller channels. My cousin on there got lucky and got a little above 5000 subs somehow, but he doesn't get many views despite the effort he puts in. Here, there's much more potential for smaller channels. Your definitely right and I agree with all your points.

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Jazz Williams
Jazz Williams 6 months ago

And YT took streaming on mobile from small YouTubers because of what some tool decided to do

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Stephan Kreutzer
Stephan Kreutzer 1 year ago

1:36 See the links on

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RisK 1 year ago

Hey dude nice video! i just started recently too and the site is great

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