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The Top 10 Runs of Drew Drechsel Part 2

Published on 31 Dec 2018 / In Sports

Drew Drechsel is one of the greatest ninja warrior competitors, and he will be competing in the upcoming tournament sasuke 36, nevertheless, despite his greatness he has had failures in the past and now that he has become one of our fan favorite competitors, we are on the edge of our seats every time he competes to see if it will finally be the year he takes total victory. He has a greater chance than ever now in sasuke 36 since he is flying to japan for the live final stage finale, but in this video we will look back to some of his greatest runs in ninja warrior and sasuke!

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Drew drechsel has had many close calls in stage 3 before and has had many great rivalries with obstacles such as his ancient foe, the hang climb, in addition to the vertical limit kai, the crazy cliffhanger, and the ultra crazy cliffhanger. But now he has defeated all of these obstacles at least once. Some of these falls were more epic than others and in this list we will discuss our favorites!

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