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Matachi Ryo vs. Kawaguchi Tomohiro - Sasuke Ninja Warrior Ninja vs. Ninja Matchups

Ninja Games
Published on 02 May 2018 / In Sports

In this episode of American Ninja Warrior Ninja vs. Ninja Match Ups we compare the legendary Sasuke competitors and Stage 3 champions, Ryo Matachi and Kawaguchi Tomohiro also known as Tomo Kawaguchi and Matachi Ryo. In this video we will compare and contrast the two Ninjas Strengths and Weaknesses in all of the factors that affect them on the Ninja course such as endurance, speed, grip, agility and so much more. Once we establish their stats we can put them against each other to see who is the greatest!

Matachi Ryo is the fan favorite competitor in Sasuke. Everyone is a fan of Matachi Ryo and although he has not been able to return to stage 3 since Sasuke 30 in 2014 when he can go there he demonstrates his ultimate strength and power. Ryo has never failed the third stage in sasuke although he has only cleared it twice and he did fail American Ninja Warrior’s third stage in USA vs. the World. Matachi Ryo has cleared both the ultimate cliffhanger and crazy cliffhanger on his first try and sadly he has timed out on the final stage twice.

When Matachi Ryo went to Stage 4 for the first time he was joined by Yuuji Urushihara and on his second time he was joined by Kawaguchi Tomohiro. Tomohiro has competed in sasuke several times before sasuke 30 however he never went far, but in Sasuke 30 he cleared the third and final stage for his first time and had an epic outbreak run although he utterly failed on the final tower. Ever since then Kawaguchi has been a star of sasuke and was regarded as a top competitor. Many believed he was the third best athlete right behind Yusuke morimoto and Drew Drechsel however in light of recent events being Sasuke 35 he proved he was actually stronger than Drew the whole time by dominating the Ultra Crazy Cliffhanger and then making it to the second ledge on the Vertical Limit Kai.

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