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Lyrics Autopsy: Take What You Want - Post Malone ft. Ozzy Osbourne and Travis Scott

Published on 24 Oct 2019 / In Music

Kicking off The Halloween Offensive by immediately doing an autopsy on the song. Not something I wanted to have to do. I was kind of hoping it would keep falling down the charts, and be defeated at the turn of the month. But seeing as how Halloween is incoming, and it's still resisting, I thought I'd send one all out massive attack to try and at least weaken it, breaking one of my own personal promises in the process. And to be honest, I was a little afraid of it, seeing as how arrogant and sexually aroused he was at the thought of gang banging a Rocker chick with his old friend 21 Savage. To make matters worse, he's now teaming up with the grand daddy of all Metal; Ozzy Osbourne.

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