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Published on 15 Aug 2019 / In Gaming

Once we hit 500 subs we will start giving away either an Xbox 1 ,Ps4 or Nintendo Switch you deciede to one luckly veiwer each month. Just like, comment, and sub and you will be part of the drawing

Youtuber, Streamer, Writer among other things.

I'm a writer at heart, with more words than most will every listen to.
I am also a gaming with a passion for the pure enjoyment it brings
But most of all, I am a dreamer, who actually sees something worth building in todays media, a beneficial community.

My dreams are honestly far fetch to say the least, to try and bring together a group
of people who truly can interact and build something amazing. Something that once its built will
go one to help thousands if not millions. The Void, as I call it, may come off as off putting when spoken aloud.
Yet, the intentions are pure, build something great and use that to make greatness happen.
I want to turn every profit we make here to better the experience and the lives of all that come.
Be it a conversation when I can, or advise or anything of the such. I dream of fund raisers and charity events,
giving back to the people who have given to me. I want to help you guys as well achieve your dreams.
I want to be able to talk to each and everyone of you guys, and close my day knowing that I have shared something worth remembering.
It may sound impossible. It may sound like it can't happen. But believe it or not, I want to try.

You can help support me on Patreon.

Check out quotes and poet on tumblr. As well as ask me anonymous questions. And why not follow.

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Let me be your bartender for the night ;) and enjoy my stream on mixer

Come by the live stream, we have cookies and wine. More like gaming and chat but still.

Dark-lit Radio is currently down due to viewership....
Follow and Listen to Dark-Lit Radio, stay a while sit back enter The Void, and make some friends

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Honestly I hate instagram but

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