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The Top 10 Runs of Drew Drechsel Part 1

Published on 31 Dec 2018 / In Sports

Part 2:

Drew Drechsel is an elite sasuke athlete, and over the years he has become a fan favorite competitor. Due to this, we are always on the edges of our seats during his runs, awaiting to see if he will finally have a shot at stage 4. Some of his runs truly have been spectacular and exciting and in this video, we will count down the ten greatest runs he has had.

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10. ANW 6 (failed in Miami city finals on the downhill pipe drop due to him going to fast)
9.Sasuke 27 (Showed promise but suffered a knee injury on the halfpipe attack)
8.ANW 4 (Beat stage 1 but failed unstable bridge in stage 2)
7.ANW 9 ( The first time in many years he failed stage 2 on Wingnut Alley)
6.ANW 7 ( Made it the farthest in stage three before USA vs The world in 2017), (first time he beat stage 2 in ANW)

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