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More On My Dental Surgery Drama VEDA #13

Jazz Williams
Published on 14 Aug 2019 / In People & Blogs / Vlogs

I posted a video on D.Tube/Steemit called 'I need dental surgery fam' then I made another video called 'it sucks being broke' where I explain my attempt to find a place and them charging me 300 dollars. Then I recorded this video after I left the appointment I had to see what the issues is, get a pricing and scheduled the thing.

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51-X 4 months ago

Painful? I thought the dentist numbs your mouth half to death for that very reason (which btw I fuckin' HATE that numbing shit lol) Anyway, Idk if you already had the procedure considering you recorded this way ahead of time but if not, hopefully it won't be too bad. Stay up fam. Somebody's gotta hold down the vlogging scene here :p

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Jazz Williams
Jazz Williams 4 months ago

Iv'e had it since I recorded this video. You will see a vlog I recorded the day of the thing. I was too high from being knocked out to record anything after arriving at the place.

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