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TTF Productions Archives: Burning xxxtentacion statue (Minecraft)

Published on 11 Feb 2019 / In Gaming

A 2-5 like-dislike ratio on the original video. Why do people continue to ride this guy's dick? If it wasn't bad enough that he's another Mumble-Rapper, every picture of him is a police arrest mugshot, he beat his pregnant girlfriend, and he beat up a gay guy during (one of) his sentence(s). So honestly, the Hell with him. The more people plaster his face in social media, not only does my desire to punch his lips in and shave that stupid hair off increases, but I also wanna beat up the asshole responsible.

Yes, I was happy when X died. Especially if it meant steering the Hip Hop invasion of Anime in another direction. Fucking says he's a Naruto fan, but the only plot to him is the jiggling of Sakura's tits.

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