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Kazuma Asa vs. Shunsuke Nagasaki

Ninja Games
Published on 03 May 2018 / In Sports

In this episode of Sasuke Ninja Warrior Ninja vs. Ninja Match Ups we compare the supporting cast members of Sasuke in the recent seasons, the emotional Kazuma Asa and trampolinist Shunsuke Nagasaki. In this video we will compare and contrast the two Ninjas Strengths and Weaknesses in all of the factors that affect them on the Ninja course such as endurance, speed, grip, agility and so much more. Once we establish their stats we can put them against each other to see who is the greatest!

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Before Sasuke 28 Kazuma Asa only appeared a couple of times in sasuke and he did not amount to much, however In sasuke 28 his cliffhanger fail somehow made him a fan favorite and people soon forgot that he was a very new competitor and classified him as a member of the trio with Hitoshi Kanno and Matachi Ryo. Although Kazuma Asa had just emerged his consistency kept him on top for a while but he never beat the crazy cliffhanger and after it went away his life went down hill and we have no clue what happened to him now. Some say he is injured.

Then we have Shunsuke Nagasaki, truly he is mysterious. For over half of sasukes run he has managed to be third stage tier and a top competitor yet he never rose to fan favoritism and only hardcore fans knew of him. The most peculiar part about Shunsuke nagasaki is how he maintained himself as a third stage competitor across so many eras. As the course evolved he did too but he never managed to get ahead of the course which is what is required to win. The two always stood neck and neck.

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